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Glenhaven at Firethorne
Glenhaven Community Yard Sale

Glenhaven at Firethorne

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On October 11th, 2008 at 7:00am until 12:00pm the Glenhaven HOA board will be holding a community yard sale. To participate please sign up by emailing or on the sign up sheet posted on each mailbox. If you are participating you may set up infront of your unit (in your driveway, garage, or infront of your front patio). We have posted some information below for anyone who is interested in participating.

Things to know:

  • Tables will not be provided
  • You are in charge of your own yard sale items (setting up, pricing, selling, cleaning up - including picking up any trash around your area that any shoppers may have tossed)
  • The board will advertise for the yard sale in the newspaper
  • You may also advertise the yard sale yourself in addition to the HOA's newspaper ad at your own expense. If signs are posted you must put them up and take them down
  • The board will get the proper permit for a community yard sale
  • To participate you must be a resident/live in the Glenhaven Community
  • You must also sign up either via the flyer located on the mailboxes or by emailing us your name and unit number to


  • To hang clothes, you can use the back side of a ladder.
  • Put big ticket items in front to draw the buyers in
  • Put a price and description on everything - this way no one can change price stickers on you
  • Take extra price stickers and a pen with you on the day of the yard sale incase you forgot to price something or if a price falls off
  • You may want to take extra grocery bags to help your buyers carry their stuff home
  • Have someone there to help you watch/sell your things as it may be a bit overwhelming since it will be a community yard sale

  • For any questions about this site please email
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