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Glenhaven at Firethorne
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Glenhaven at Firethorne

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Welcome to our Site Index! To make sure you can find everything you are looking for we have gathered all pages from our site and listed them below. We have also included discriptions which will easily allow you to locate the correct page you are looking for. In the event that a link doesn't work, please let us know so that we can make sure to fix it for your next visit.

Glenhaven at Firethorne - is the main page for the Glenhaven at Firethorne website. Its includes links such as About Glenhaven, HOA Board, Governing Documents & Information, & Contacts.

Site Index - This page is a site index, it lists all pages on the Glenhaven at Firethorne website & gives a discription of each to help navigate through the site easier.

Disclaimer - This page is a site disclaimer giving Glenhaven certain rights etc.


About Glenhaven:
About Glenhaven - This page is the introductory page for the About Glenhaven section with links to information such as Community News/Projects, Frequently Asked Questions, & Information/Contacts for Charmeck.

Frequently Asked Questions - This page lists questions, as well as answers to those questions, that board members are frequently asked such as - I rent my unit from someone, how do I know what the rules for the community are? Check out the page to find out the answer!

Community News - This page includes news and updates about the Glenhaven Community as well as information about on going projects in the neighborhood.

Community Contacts - This page includes contact information for the Glenhaven community.


HOA Board:
Board - This page is the introductory page for the Glenhaven Board of Directors section.

Board Members - This page lists each board member as well as alternates incase someone steps down on the Glenhaven at Firethorne Board. It also includes direct email addresses for each member.

Monthly Dues - This page includes information about what Glenhaven's Monthly Dues pay for each month.

Monthly Financials - This page shows the past 3 months financial information c/o Jorel Management.

HOA Meetings - This page provides information about HOA meetings. It includes times as well as agendas if avaliable.


Governing Documents & Information:
Governing Documents & Information - This page is the introductory page for the Governing Documents & Governing Information section of the site.

Governing Documents - This page has the Glenhaven governing documents including our Declaration & Bylaws.

Community Handbook/Rules & Regulations - This page has the Glenhaven Community Handbook in a downloadable format so you can easily read/print/access all Community rules/guidelines.

Charlotte Mecklenburg City Information - This page lists a number of sites on the CharMeck (Charlotte Mecklenburg) website that you may find helpful such as Animal Control, the Police, & Charlotte Mecklenburg City Ordinances.


Contacts - This page has a form that can be used to contact the Glenhaven at Firethorne Board.

Glenhaven Mailing List - This page has information on the Glenhaven Mailing List including what information will be sent if you sign up as well as how to sign up.

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