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Glenhaven at Firethorne
Meeting Minutes

Wednesday October 24, 2007

Linda Letterman Uzzie Cannon Stephanie Weiss Cassie Lefler
Lori Lundy Don King Tom


Linda Letterman & Lori Lundy


6:45pm – 8:45pm

Meeting Agenda:

Community Letter

Meeting Minutes:

Community Letter:
Uzzie read the community letter and revisions/suggestions were made for the rough draft. We wanted to add a section that introduces all board members and their contact information as well as add a few extra details for clarity. Uzzie will work on the changes and send out the letter again for any last changes/final approval.

Noise Complaint
Don King and Tom attended the meeting to file a formal complaint and ask the board to take action on the noise coming from Matthew in unit 5841. Don presented the problem in a memo to the board (in detail) with what he hopes to be a solution. He proposed to keep observations of the incidents as well as hand deliver the bylaws and insist on a written signature that Matthew received the bylaws. Notification would also go to his mother and if necessary fines will be issued – providing the noise doesn’t stop. Issues also arose where Matthew created ruts in the grass and constantly hangs out outside with friends for hours into the mornings.

Don also asked for permission to send out a flyer to all immediate neighbors to “Stop the Noise”. The board agreed with this and Don will receive the addresses of his immediate neighbors to US Mail the flyers to ensure they receive the flyer. The board also liked the idea of sending the flyer/posting the flyer at each unit since this could be a community issue.

A meeting time was set for November 13th, 2007 at 7pm to address this issue with residents. This meeting will be run by Don King with help from Linda.

Landscaping / Maintenance
Our landscapers increased their price by 10%. Board members are not satisfied with the quality of work the landscapers have shown and therefore we are looking to switch landscapers. Bids are out to other companies. The best bid so far was from Tucker Property Management for $1,625 a month….this would be $19,500 a year.

The gutters will be cleaned after fall this year.

Parking on the curb has gotten a little better since we have enforced towing. Linda wants to get the parking “tickets” that stick to the windows printed up and distributed so when you see an illegally parked car you can give it a warning and it be documented. After the 1st warning tow the car.

Linda doesn’t think we need to put a retaining wall up…she suggested leveling out the pond and possibly filling it in. She thinks the cost of the wall is too much and all residents on the pond side agreed that filling in/leveling the pond would be a good option. A meeting to be set for all board members to attend to go on site and talk to someone on what to do to fill it in.

Linda mentioned that if you have any remodeling that needs to be done you can go online to and sign up and get free bids for the work from contractors.

Lori left her budget stuff at the office so any questions we had she said she would email the answers.

The 10% increase in dues seems to much….we would like to cut it down but Lori advises against it.

We discussed possibly looking into selling/leasing the pool/clubhouse to a management company who can take care of it and deal with all the expenses. There was discussion of selling memberships to the pool.

Decided we want an audit this year

Budget Changes:
Paving/Sidewalks: $1,500 to $700
Outside Lighting: $200 to $75
Pond Retaining Wall: Possible change in price dependent on Meeting.
Lawn and Wildlife: $300 to $0
Amenities/Dues: $8,000 to $10,600 (RFD)
Tag/Tow: $25 to $0

Budget Ratification Meeting
Approved as a board by November 2, 2007 – November 5, at the latest
10 days notice to all residents to have the ratification meeting.
Meeting date: Tuesday November 13th, 2007 6pm-7pm

We will meet by the pond on Thursday, November 1, 2007 at 4pm.

Meeting Adjourn

Glenhaven at Firethorne HOA
Meeting Minutes for 10/24/2007
By: Cassie Lefler - Secretary