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Glenhaven at Firethorne
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Glenhaven at Firethorne

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The Glenhaven at Firethorne HOA Board has deceided to start a mailing list in conjunction with the new website. The mailing list will be sent out via email. There is no schedule for when emails will go out but you will receive emails from only when board members approve.

The Glenhaven Mailing List is exclusive to Glenhaven at Firethorne residents (owners & renters) only - this means only people living in the Glenhaven at Firethorne community can sign up for the Glenhaven Mailing List. The email you provide in the email section of the form is the email that will be added to the Glenhaven Mailing List, any additional emails will have to be added in either the comments section or a separate form must be filled out. By submitting the form from the contacts page and stating that 'yes' you want to receive emails via the Glenhaven Mailing List, you are agreeing to be added to a mass email list with others who may see your email address - although they will be your neighbors.

The Glenhaven Mailing List can include but is not limited to the following:
      1. Issues that arise in the neighborhood (Parking, crimes etc.)

      2. Work that is being done or has been completed around the neighborhood (Tree removal, painting etc.)

      3. New rules or guidelines that are going into practice.

      4. You also can receive things you normally would receive via snail mail now through the mailing list (Newsletters etc.)

If you wish to sign up for the Glenhaven Mailing List please go to our contacts page & fill out the form - making sure to submit it when your done.

In the event you move or do not wish to receive any further emails from the Glenhaven Mailing List, simply go back to the contacts page, fill out the form and specify under the mailing list section that you wish to be removed - please allow up to a week for this change to go into effect.

For any questions about this site please email
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