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Glenhaven at Firethorne
Frequently Asked Questions

Glenhaven at Firethorne

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Have a question but no answer to it? Before sending tons of emails to us please check out our Frequently asked questions below to see if it's already been answered. If it hasn't been answered you can go to our contacts page and ask away. And you never know, just by reading our FAQ's you may learn a few things you didn't know before...

Q: When I'm walking my dog, do I need to pick up after it?
A: Yes, there is a doggie station in front of 5937 where bags are located to help with clean up.

Q: I have visitors coming over and I've already used my two parking spaces/driveway, where can they park?
A: There are a few visitor spaces around the neighborhood where guests can park. Only visitors should park in visitor parking, any resident who parks in a visitor space will be towed, booted, or fined at their expense.

Q: I have a guest staying with me for more than a week, where can they park?
A: If you have a guest who is staying more than a week than you can contact any board member or Talley Management Company to check out a visitor pass. This is only to be used for visitors and for no longer than 3 weeks.

Q: Can I park on the curb in front of my house?
A: No, this is a fire hazard. Anyone who parks on the curb or anywhere other than a marked parking space will be towed at their expense - no exceptions.

Q: I rent my unit from someone else, how do I know what the rules are and do I need to follow them?
A: You can find the handbook here. All residents - owners and renters - are responsible for knowing the rules and regulations as well as abiding by them.

Q: Why are there advertisements on this website?
A: The Glenhaven at Firethorne HOA website is maintained by the HOA Board through a free web service. Since the service is free, advertisements are included on the top and bottom of each page.

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