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Glenhaven at Firethorne
Charlotte Mecklenburg City Information

Glenhaven at Firethorne

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Below we have listed a number of sites on the CharMeck (Charlotte Mecklenburg) website that you may find helpful in your search for information.

Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Control:
Animal Control - This site includes links with information about spaying/neutering a pet, adopting a pet, finding a lost pet, the NC leash law, rabies vaccinations and more (including all animal related ordinances).

Charlotte Mecklenburg Police:
Police - This site includes links with information about reporting a crime, crime mapping, crime statistics and more.

Charlotte Mecklenburg 311:
311 - This site includes links with information/contacts for the CharMeck 311 service. This includes information on things such as taxes, furniture/appliance disposals, and noise (ordinance) etc.

Charlotte Mecklenburg Ordinances:
Charlotte Mecklenburg Ordinances - Includes ordinances for Alarms, Noise, and Towing.
Charlotte Ordinance Document - This is the full Charlotte Mecklenburg Ordinance Document.

Recycling - Information on what you can and cannot recycle.

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